Haiti: Canada, US ready for ‘different scenarios’, Trudeau says

Without saying Canada was preparing for an intervention in Haiti, Justin Trudeau said the country, along with the United States, was preparing for “different scenarios” in the event of a “tumbling” of the political situation.

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“But we know that there is always a possibility that it will improve, but also possibilities that it will go downhill, that the situation will get worse, and at this level we are discussing with our partners in the Caribbean, but also The United States and others about what kind of scenario and what kind of intervention might one day be necessary, Trudeau said at a press conference on Wednesday.

His speech came on the very last day of the summit of the “thirty amigos” held in Mexico City for the past few days.

With his colleagues Joe Biden and Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Prime Minister was able to personally discuss the political and security crisis in Haiti, which is not being resolved despite the diplomatic missions of Canada and the United Nations.

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