Guarantees provided by student insurance abroad

Today, more and more young French people want to try an international experience. And this, whether it is for an internship, for an Erasmus or a VIE (International Volunteering in Business). The fact of going abroad certainly makes it possible to gain experience. But before you leave, it is necessary to take certain precautions. Most students take out student insurance abroad before they travel. In this article, we will explain what study abroad insurance is. What is the need to take out this type of insurance? And what guarantees does student insurance abroad provide.

Study abroad insurance: how does it work?

As the name suggests, foreign student insurance is insurance just like a classic school insurance. It protects the student during his studies. The difference is that the traditional school insurance does not cover students who decide to continue their studies abroad. As mentioned above, you take out student insurance abroad as part of an internship abroad, a VIE or an Erasmus. This type of insurance is designed especially for young people who are planning to try an international experience. By taking out student insurance abroad, the student benefits from various guarantees adapted to student life. He will be able to fully enjoy his stay in complete peace of mind. Compared to classic school insurance, student insurance abroad is more comprehensive. It actually covers many topics (eg repatriation, health care costs, civil liability, etc.). However, although the insurance includes many guarantees, it can sometimes be insufficient in the event of a large expense. Therefore, it is therefore advisable to choose the type of study abroad insurance. To find out which one is the most advantageous, do not hesitate to visit the comparison sites. There are more on the internet. Now the question is to know what guarantees this insurance provides.

Guarantees provided by student insurance abroad

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Foreign student insurance protects the student during the journey, within the university where he is studying or within the framework of the company where he is doing an internship. From the moment the student leaves for his destination, know that he is never safe from unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, he will be alone once abroad. It is therefore necessary to have insurance that provides the best guarantees. As mentioned above, there are different guarantees from student insurance abroad. First, there is civil liability. The latter is a kind of support in case of physical damage or material damage. Then there is the individual accident guarantee. Most of the time it is included in the contract. Some insurance companies also offer it as an option. This guarantee is more than essential as it compensates the student in case he suffers bodily injury. Finally, there is travel insurance. The latter covers loss of personal belongings or luggage during the journey. In short, it is simply an advantage to take out student insurance abroad for those who plan to fly abroad.

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