‘Grumpy’ senior dog refuses to do hydrotherapy exercises in hilarious video

Lil Hobbs is not keen on sports. This senior dog greatly prefers quiet walks and lazing on the bed to exercises. The videos of his essential hydrotherapy sessions, regularly posted on Instagram, therefore very often amuse his many fans.

Most dogs love to exercise, but this is not really the case. lil hobbs. It must be said that, at 12, this Chihuahua cross no longer has the ardor of his youth, but it is above all his grumpy character that makes him reluctant to play sports.

This senior dog lives in San Diegoin California, with his owner Kathryn H. The 34-year-old adopted him on Christmas Eve 2016 from the shelter of the New York association refuge Tails of Love Animal Rescue.

Illustration of the article: An elderly dog
Lil Hobbs/Instagram

His age and health concerns (cataracts, osteoarthritis, dental problems, limping, etc.) necessitate a variety of treatments. Since July 2021, he has been taking part in hydrotherapy sessions to relieve his joints. Despite all the efforts of his mistress and the staff of the center, lil hobbs rarely shows spirit when he does it.

His laziness and his “grumpy grandpa” side don’t make their job any easier. ” He’s not very good with people either.noted Kathryn H. It can therefore be raised a little during the sessions “. This can be seen in the video below:

A dog at the service of others

At home, he gets along more or less with Odie, the family cat. He sometimes tolerates her kisses, provided that she does not overdo it. In fact, it all depends on his mood of the day.

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Illustration of the article: An elderly dog
Lil Hobbs/Instagram

The unique personality of lil hobbs makes him a popular dog on instagram, where he is followed by nearly 100,000 subscribers. A notoriety that Kathryn H to use for the good cause, in particular by organizing solidarity pots.

The mistress of lil hobbs also takes the opportunity to encourage people to adopt senior animals from shelters, as she has done.

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