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Banque Populaire offers new green solutions dedicated to SMEs and ETIs

Banque Populaire, 1st bank for SMEs [1], mobilizes to encourage and support the environmental and societal transitions of its business customers in their area. It relies on a team of corporate account managers trained in the challenges of sustainable development and on new dedicated green financing and savings solutions:

  • new range of green loans,
  • “VAIR term account”,
  • the new “BP Impact” loan that promotes the CSR approach of business leaders.

Banque Populaire also announces the signing of a partnership with the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CNOEC) to accelerate the development of responsible projects for French SMEs.

Banque Populaire and CNOEC: partners for a CSR strategy for SMEs

Banque Populaire joins forces with the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CNOEC) to raise managers’ awareness of the importance of environmental and social transformation for their business. This partnership is reflected in particular by communication actions to inform managers about the various impacts (climate risks, regulatory changes, ESG performance criteria) and to promote the importance of engaging in a CSR strategy.

For Bertrand Magnin, Banque Populaire Development Director: ” Banque Populaire’s strategic ambition is to be a central player in the environmental transformation in the regions. As the leading bank for SMEs, our role is to encourage managers to speed up the implementation of a CSR strategy because, more than ever, it is a guarantee of the development and sustainability of their business. This is why Banque Populaire is teaming up with CNOEC to intensify managers’ awareness and launching a set of green solutions, including the new BP Impact loan, specially designed for SMEs to respond in a concrete way to their specific projects.. »

For Damien Dreux, Vice President of CNOEC in charge of the sector ” The profession at the heart of the economy “: ” As part of the presidential election, we put forward 100 proposals, one of which was to extend the impact credit to more people. It is therefore quite natural that the state-authorised auditors responded to Banque Populaire’s call. Trusted third parties by nature, certified public accountants will thus support the companies concerned in their CSR initiatives, while certifying the development of the CSR indicators used within the framework of the Impact loan offered by Banque Populaire. This convention shows, if need be, that if alone we can go fast, together we can go far. »

The “BP Impact” loan: a new impactful and virtuous loan

Banque Populaire launches the “BP Impact” loan, a new loan whose interest rate is indexed to the company’s extra-economic performance. To enable a very large number of SMEs to benefit from the benefits of this new solution, this loan is available from a funding request of €300,000. Within social and environmental themes, the customer chooses the 1 to 3 indicators to be achieved from among the 14 predetermined by Banque Populaire. If he reaches the set targets, Banque Populaire will pay him an annual interest repayment of up to 10%. Otherwise, the contractual rate applies without penalty. The client can choose to have his bonus donated to an association. The entire system as well as the themes and indicators used by Banque Populaire have been audited by Moody’s ESG Solutions, a world leader in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) analyses.

The CAT Vair term is in favor of the areas’ energy transition

Banque Populaire created CAT Vair, a new term account for companies and institutions. It allows them to make use of their cash surplus while participating in the ecological transition, specifically in their region. In fact, the outstanding remains in the collection area to be 100% allocated to finance loans intended for the energy transition. This term account, with a duration of 2, 3 or 5 years, offers progressive remuneration in semi-annual increments. The longer the duration of the investment, the more the rate increases to reach its highest level during the last year. Banque Populaire guarantees the traceability of this new product through a report published every six months, presenting the energy conversion projects financed.

A range of green loans to meet the specific needs of SMEs and ETIs

Banque Populaire is expanding its offer with a new range of green loans that provide concrete solutions for the specific needs of their business customers.

  • Energy renovation loan: For companies that want to renovate their premises to improve energy efficiency, in a logic of adaptation to regulations, cost reduction (e.g. heating, thermal insulation).
  • Loans for renewable energy: For companies that want to diversify their income or optimize their energy costs by producing energy on their behalf and/or selling it (e.g. solar panels on shade structures, wind turbines).
  • Green mobility loan: For companies that want to have clean vehicles (e.g. hybrid cars, electric cars) and/or infrastructure adapted to green mobility (e.g. charging terminals).
  • Business transition loans: For companies that want to change their current business to adapt to the environmental change (e.g. production, distribution, supply).

The implementation of a CSR strategy represents both a challenge and a development opportunity for all companies. With all these new solutions, Banques Populaires provides its SME and ETI customers with a complete and concrete answer to support their environmental transformation.

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