Google’s Pixel tablet appears on Facebook’s marketplace

Google is preparing a tablet for 2023. Although not yet fully revealed, the Pixel tablet appears on Facebook. A user sells a copy with his dock and reveals some technical elements. When placed on its base, the Pixel tablet looks a lot like an existing product in the Google catalog: the Nest Hub. The asking price is quite reasonable: 400 dollars.

At the 2022 Google I/O conference, the Mountain View company formalized the arrival of several hardware products. Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Pixel Watch. The Pixel tablet. Pixel Buds Pro. Some products have been on sale since July. Others waited until September to hit the stores. And one exception is not yet available: the Pixel Tablet, presented by Google as the perfect companion for the Pixel 7. For three months the smartphone has been waiting for its “poto”!

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However, it is not Google’s fault to multiply the official information. In October, the company revealed some images about the tablet, as well as its dock, which serves the tablet as a charging base as well as an external speaker. Enough to give it a Nest Hub look… A few days earlier, a leak revealed some elements of the technical sheet: screen of 11 inchesprocessor Tensor G2compatibility with certain touch pens, a photo sensor and a selfie sensor of 8 megapixelstwo storage levels at 128 GB and 256 GBwithout extension.

A copy of the Pixel tablet is for sale on Facebook

More information is still missing. The two most important are definitely the release date and the price. But the launch is getting closer, irrevocably. The proof: the leaks multiply and take an increasingly concrete turn. And the latter only confirms this impression. In fact, a Facebook user has put up for sale on the social network’s marketplace a copy of the Pixel tablet. Offer price: $400. This is relatively little for a product that is still unavailable. This includes the tablet, of course, but also its dock and an AC adapter.

google pixel tab facebook google pixel tab facebook

Many images accompany the ad to learn more about the tablet. First, when attached to its dock, the Pixel tablet really looks like a Nest Hub Max, confirming that the product can replace the connected display from the Mountain View company or provide a more versatile solution (since the display is not attached). Then the tablet benefits from a speaker on a disc next to the USB-C port. Finally, it runs on a slightly revamped version of Android. Google had already formalized this interface in November.

google pixel tab facebook

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