Google will soon help you choose your future car

Car dealers in the US can now include their fleet of cars in their business listing in their Google area. To do this, they only need to enter the VIN identification numbers for each vehicle. Thanks to this, Search, Maps and Shopping users will be able to find a vehicle that suits them in a geographical area. It will even be possible to filter by color, by year, by engine or by option. And the price is also displayed.

When you search for a book in Google Shopping, you can find out which bookstore, online or physical, has the book for sale. You can also focus the search on a geographical area. And it is very convenient to find a point of sale near you that offers it. For this, the store has entered the EAN or ISBN (identification number) of the books in its ” Google Business Directory (or Google Business Profiles in English). It’s simple (but definitely a little tiring).

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You can of course do a similar search for a Blu-Ray, a game, a smartphone, etc. And soon you’ll be able to find a car, new or used, in the same way. The information was revealed by the US marketing agency SearchLab. This explains why Google now allows retailers tointegrate their inventory of new or used vehiclessi their establishment journal. The only condition: the car must have a VIN, a unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to all vehicles since 1954.

Browse a retailer’s catalog from your couch with Google

When a dealer enters his catalog of cars using the VIN in his establishment file, the internet user can thus find his dream car and filter the results by color, by option, by year of release, by price range and even … by location. And it is really very practical. Especially since Google is not content with a single network of retailers: All sellers are invited to contribute to the offer.

This integration in Search and Shopping makes it possible to find a specific model in a geographical area, but not only. You can also look for a dealer near you, explore its catalog from the comfort of your sofa, filter its cars according to your criteria, see some pictures and arrange a time for a test drive. Available as a preview in the United States, of course, the integration of VINs into business listings will be realized for the Internet user with the appearance of a ” cars for sale “. We hope that the feature will come to Europe soon. Remember that Google Shopping was launched in 2002 under the name Froggle, before it was renamed to Google Product Search in 2007 and then to Google Shopping in 2012. The service has been available in France since 2010.

Source: 9to5Google

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