Google unveils the list of the best Chrome extensions! Spoiler: Adblock isn’t even in the selection

News JVTech Google unveils the list of the best Chrome extensions! Spoiler: Adblock isn’t even in the selection

December is THE time of year when all the app recaps drop. And if Spotify, Twitch or even YouTube have already revealed theirs, it is now Google Chrome’s turn to list the best extensions of this year 2022.


  • Spotify, Twitch and now Google Chrome
  • Here are the best Chrome extensions of 2022
    • Productivity
    • Concentration
    • Entertainment
    • Learning

Spotify, Twitch and now Google Chrome

The end of the year is always the best time for tech giants to announce their results, but also to give their users their personal summary. We especially think of them Spotify and off Ryk that have recently been shared, but also to Apple’s App Store Awards that recognized BeReal as the best iPhone app 2022.

As you will have understood, in this article it will therefore be a matter of Google and its browser Chrome which honors (like every year) the creators of extensions. For this year these are 12 apps that caught the attention of the Mountain View company, these were divided into four categories: productivity, concentration, entertainment and learning.

Here are the best Chrome extensions of 2022


Tango : The Tango extension is the first mentioned by Google, the latter allows in a very simple way that create tutorials directly from your browser.

SwiftRead : If with Tango, it was about tutorials, with SwiftRead, it’s more about reading. Take effect, this extension allows you to read a text much faster.

LINER : If you speak at least English, you have probably already understood what it is about here. This extension allows you to highlight parts of a text or a videoto extract, classify or group them.

Compose AI : As his name suggests, Compose AI allows you to be accompanied by artificial intelligence as you write. This one is able to complete a sentence, to rephrase it, but also to answer your emails with a single click.

ShowBug : This extension is undoubtedly one of the most interesting sinceit allows anyone to create a websitethrough models.

Check out US visa machines : the last extension of this “productivity” option is not intended for everyone, as it is aimed at Indian users looking to go to the US. Check US Visa Slots allows them to see visa availability in India.


Workona Tab Manager : For this extension, everything is in the name. This allows you to reduce the number of tabs and organize your work more efficiently.

CrXMouse Chrome Gestures : The extension present here allows you to create shortcuts with your mouse to navigate more efficiently between your tabs and in the Google browser.


Ropro : This expansion is intended for fans of the game Roblox. This last improves the user experience adds many features.

eJoy : In our opinion, this is one of the best expansions this year. eJoy generates subtitles in your language on platforms such as Netflix, Youtube or Prime Video. Besides the, the extension also provides a complete dictionary to understand what it is about in every moment of a video, a series or a movie.


equation : Once again, everything is in the name. Equatio is an extension that facilitates writing equations and writing mathematical expressions on computer.

MyBib : For this last extension, it is the literature lovers who will be happy to learn about its existence. MyBib allows you to generate citations and bibliographies quickly and efficiently.

So that’s it for 12 Best Chrome Extensions in This Year 2022. We tend to forget it, but extensions aren’t limited to ad blockers. There are some for all uses, and most provide real added value to the user experience of browsers.

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