Google TV starts showing ads unrelated to video content

Rumor has it that Apple intends to show ads in Apple TV+. In fact, this is already the case: broadcasts of baseball games on Fridays are interspersed with commercials, and in addition to the individual streaming service, we can think of the new carousel that takes up so much space at the top of the TV app’s website as advertising.

Google TV, the interface developed by the search engine for connected TVs and its Chromecast, might give an idea of ​​what Apple’s TV application could look like if Apple happens to want to plaster it with advertisements. Since 2021, Google TV has already shown movie trailers to watch in theaters. But after all, it remained within video content, so why not.

Google has recently expanded the advertising palette of its interface with ads for the Tim Hortons coffee chain in Canada or even for iStore stores in India (which specialize in Apple products, it’s fun to see them advertise on a Google device) .

Should we expect something of the same on Apple TV? We’re crossing our fingers that no, but we’ve seen that the manufacturer was ready for the worst advertising baseness to scratch three francs six under.

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Apple messes with ads in the App Store


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