Google Rolls Out A Conversion Migration Tool For Google Analytics 4

Google is currently rolling out a conversion migration tool to help you achieve your existing goals from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. You can access it under your GA4 settings screen, in the Setup Assistant tab, under the Conversions section.

How it works. The goal migration tool allows you to quickly recreate eligible goals from your connected Universal Analytics property as conversion events in your Google Analytics 4 property. Personally, I don’t see it yet, but I suspect that I will see the import tool soon. Charles Farina posted screenshots of his operation on Twitter:

Tool operation.

For each eligible Universal Analytics goal you select, the goal migration tool automatically does the following in your connected Google Analytics 4 property:

Universal Analytics properties can have several different types of purpose properties. These two types of objectives can be migrated using the tool:

  • destination goal: When a user lands on a specific page, such as a thank you or confirmation page
  • Objective of the event: When a user triggers a specific event, such as a social recommendation, video playback, or ad click

The following goal types cannot be automatically migrated and will not appear in the tool: Pages/Screens per Session goals Duration goals Smart Goalsand any goal that uses regular expressions.

You can create up to 30 custom conversion events per standard Google Analytics 4 property.

How to use it: To use the Lens Migration Tool, you need the Publisher Role on your account.

  1. In Google Analytics, click Admin.
  2. In L’ Account , make sure the desired account is selected. (If you only have one Google Analytics account, it will already be selected.)
  3. In L’ Property select the Google Analytics 4 property that currently collects data for your website.
  4. In L’ Property click on Setup Wizard.
  5. Under ConversionsReach Import existing goals from your connected Universal Analytics propertythen click To start up.
  6. In L’ Import existing goals from your connected property select the goals you want to recreate as conversion events in your new Google Analytics property 4.
  7. To click Import selected conversions top right.

A confirmation message will appear at the bottom left of your screen when your selected goals have been successfully recreated as conversion events in your Google Analytics 4 property.

For more information on this import tool, refer to this help document.

Why we care. You can use this tool to potentially save time without having to set your goals from scratch in GA4. But be sure to read the help document carefully to see what this tool will and won’t import.

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