Google postpones the automatic switch from G Suite for Business accounts to Google Workspace paid plans until June

PARIS, April 6 (Benin News/EP) –

Google delayed Automatic upgrade from free G Suite for Business accounts to Workspace pay-as-you-go plans with no service interruption until June 2022.

Although Google workspace was rolled out to all users in June 2021, those with free G Suite business accounts were able to continue using them regularly.

However, it was last January when the company announced that it would stop offering free G Suite subscriptions for businesses. from July 1the latest date by which payment details can be entered for that service.

She then indicated on her support website that she was going to start on May 1. this process of automatic change from your accounts to the new paid Google Workspace Professional plans.

On this same page, the deadlines for both processes have been updated, as Google says it has extended the deadline for switching to Google Workspace. before June 1, 2022.

“If you choose to wait, Google will begin switching subscriptions automatically on June 1, 2022. To complete the switch, set up Google Workspace billing before August 1, 2022,” the support center reads.

All customers who do not wish to use the Gmail service with their custom domain or have the ability to manage multiple users, will need to a free option is available.

To access it, you must register at the following address a waiting list before June 1, 2022, so that their accounts are not automatically upgraded to Google Workspace.

Users who remain on this waiting list will be able to continue accessing the free version of G Suite until this free option is no longer available.

As soon as it ends, Google will contact users to let them know. they have 60 days to evaluate the free option or choose Google Workspace before their accounts are automatically changed.

It should be remembered that this measure does not affect users of other free Google plans, such as personal accounts or accounts for charities, which remain unchanged.

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