Google Pixel roadmap leaks, here’s what to expect from next year to 2025

Google’s products typically see a lot of leaks, which has led the company itself to pre-announce upcoming products in recent years to steal some of the limelight from leakers. But now the leakers have decided to upgrade the game once again – let’s see how Google can react to this one.

We’re talking about a roadmap leak that reveals every smartphone the company has planned from 2023 to 2025. Leaks really don’t get any bigger than that, so let’s get to it.

Next year, the Pixel 7a (codenamed “lynx”) and Pixel Fold (codenamed “felix”) will launch around Google I/O in April or May — meaning there’s a chance they’ll be shown off at the company’s annual developer conference . . Although previously called Pixel Notepad, it looks like Pixel Fold will be the proper marketing name for Google’s first foldable.

The Pixel 7a is reportedly priced the same as the Pixel 6a, at $449 in the US. Expect the next model to support wireless charging and a 90Hz refresh rate screen. The Pixel Fold, on the other hand, is “confirmed” (as far as a rumor goes) to cost $1,799.

Arriving later in 2023, the Pixel 8 will be slightly smaller than the Pixel 7, while the 8 Pro will retain the same screen size as the 7 Pro. Both will be powered by a new chipset, likely to be released as the Tensor G3. The Pixel 8 duo won’t have many differences from their predecessors.

In 2024, there is a plan to bring the Pixel 8a to market, but that could be scrapped in favor of a two-year launch cadence for the Pixel a series, depending on how well the Pixel 7a sells (or lack thereof). If the Pixel 8a does launch, expect it to cost $499, $50 more than its predecessor.

Google Pixel roadmap leaks, here's what to expect next year and into 2025

The Pixel 9 series will have three members – the Pixel 9 (which is expected to retain the Pixel 8’s smaller size), the Pixel 9 Pro (around 6.7″ screen size), but also another Pro model with a 6.3″ screen and all the features of the larger Pro. If that doesn’t make sense, the fact is that Google wants to emulate Apple – think of the new 6.3″ phone as its iPhone Pro, while the 6.7″ acts as the Pro Max. Of course, these three new handsets will have a new SoC, the Tensor G4.

There will also be a new foldable in 2024, but not much is known about that yet. There is speculation that Google is waiting to see how well the Pixel Fold is received.

Google Pixel roadmap leaks, here's what to expect next year and into 2025

For 2025, the company could take different directions depending on how successful (or not) its strategy for 2023 and 2024 is. Google is apparently “playing” with the idea of ​​a foldable flip style, and if it becomes a reality, it will be launched in the fall of 2025 with the three Pixel tiles this year (there will still be three as in 2024).

On the other hand, if the flip phone doesn’t happen, then we’ll see four non-folding Pixels – with a vanilla model in small and large sizes, and a Pro model in small and large sizes. Apple again, again.

All this information would come from a reliable source and would have been carefully verified. That said, while these are 100% Google’s plans at this point, keep in mind that plans can change, especially if you’re looking this far.


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