Google Pixel 6 Pro appears at an incredible price on Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro tempting you? Right now, Amazon is offering a great deal that brings the price of the smartphone down to just €512 on Amazon instead of €899.

A week away from the winter sale, Amazon is offering the Google Pixel 6 Pro at a very attractive price. If you take the risk of waiting until next week, you probably won’t have it anymore at this price. The smartphone is displayed at €512.56 instead of €899. This is an opportunity to be seized as soon as possible.

The product is offered on but sold and shipped by Amazon UK. Nothing changes for you. The brand takes care of the entire process of delivering it to your home within reasonable time. Import costs in France are also borne by Amazon. The smartphone therefore actually costs you €512.56. Small useful precision: the Pixel 6 Pro is currently offered for €800 with delivery from Amazon France.

Pixel 6 Pro: a convincing top of the range at the price of a mid-range

Despite the release of the Google Pixel 7 Pro a few months ago, the Pixel 6 Pro remains a relevant choice in 2023. It has little to envy its successor. This smartphone seduces above all with its very qualitative photography experience. If this aspect is important to you, this is one of the very best smartphones on the market in this area.

The Google Tensor chip also provides comfortable performance, although the latest high-end Snapdragon SoCs from Qualcomm fare better. However, the power of the Pixel 6 Pro will meet the requirements of the majority of users with a smooth experience in everyday life.

Its battery can last a big day and a half, as we saw during our test of this Pixel 6 Pro. Fast charging, on the other hand, is below the best students in the category. Other than that, it’s a great smartphone, especially at this price point.

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