Google photo book review: a big disappointment

We tested the photo book service offered by Google and the least we can say is that we fell short, especially in terms of photo quality. So much so that one wonders if it is not a printing bug?

The ordering process

That’s the only good point. The process to create your photo album is simple and intuitive. We did not encounter any major problem and it adapts very well to those who have difficulties with the computer tool.
The other services we tested are relatively more difficult to learn.

Price paid

We paid €62.12, which is premium, to create this book.

Really poor quality

We will all agree to agree on the fact that we expect impeccable quality when we create a photo book. There may be 1 or 2 photos of lower quality, because the quality of the images has not been checked beforehand, but with Google photo book, it is unfortunately all the photos that are affected by a problem. quality.

Here is for example the original photo

Original photo

Here is the “original” photo. The weight of the photo has been greatly reduced for posting on Fredzone since the real photo on Google photo is 25mb. The one above is only 400 kb.

Picture from the book album

And here is the picture from the album book. Admittedly, this is a photo taken from the photo album book, but it clearly gives you an idea of ​​the quality received.

So we zoomed x20 this photo to look at the pixelation.

A beautiful smile, right?

And here is the result obtained after a x20 zoom on the gentleman’s smile!

competitor pixel
Pixelation of a photo book service competing with Google

And here is the pixelation of a service competing with Google, with a x20 zoom on a smile. This is It is certainly not the same photo, but there is no ambiguity about the incomparable quality of the 2 services. And if we compare the prices, Pixum turns out to be even cheaper.

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