Google My Business references: References for your business locally on Google

Today, the Internet has become a key element in improving the performance of one’s business.

Thanks to Google My Business (GMB), you can highlight your activities and attract customers near you. Focus on this important local SEO tool.

Local SEO: what is it and why is it important?

Local SEO aims to optimize positioning and the visibility of a business on search engines for users of its geographical area.

From search engines and local directories (such as Google My Business), businesses rank higher in local search results and thus generate relevant, high-quality traffic.

For entrepreneurs, it is important to know how to focus on local SEO to stand out from other structures. This is the perfect opportunity to target a more consistent audience and improve return on investment by creating a visibility adapted to its needs.

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What is Google My Business?

As we briefly explained to you above, the Google My Business listing is a local SEO web tool offered by Google. It is free and allows businesses to appear in the search results of Internet users located in the same geographic area.

When you create a My Business file that you maintain, it gives much more visibility to your activities on the Google search engine.

Optimizing local reference with a My Business Sheet: how to use it

Optimize local SEO
Optimize local SEO

Appearing in the results of Internet search engines is not enough to achieve good SEO. You must also take certain criteria into account in order to optimize it also improve your performance.

Optimize SEO localization in a few steps

To gain visibility and improve your Google My Business reference, several simple solutions are available to you. Post posts or product pages regularly

Keep your Google My Business listing information up to date

The first way to get well referenced is very simple: you just have to keep information up to date that relate to your business (your opening hours, the types of products or services offered, news from your structure, etc.).

A profile of your activities completed in detail is more attractive and appears more easily in search engine results.

Target the right keywords on the Google My Business listing

Which keywords to target on your Google My Business page depends on the nature of your business and the industry you’re in. A proper strategy will allow you to get a lot of visibility on your GMB file

To optimize your local SEO reference, you must use keywords that are relevant for your structure and who is probably wanted of potential customers in your area (neighborhood names, specific information about your business, local attractions, etc.).

To improve your SEO, use keywords as well easily understandable for users and who describe preciselyt offers your company.

Add photos and videos to the My Business account

Posting pictures and videos of your business online is very beneficial in maintaining your business image! They help provide your business a professional appearance and create one feeling of self-confidence. Thanks to them, Internet users have a better idea of ​​your location and the products or services you offer.

Finally, Google also tends to better refer to pages that contain multimedia content. To increase placement your business in search results and improves the customer’s conversion rate.

Write unique content with a nice description

In order to stand out, you must be able to offer relevant content that stands out, including in writing. Every line you write counts!

Employer a unique form of writing, you naturally make your business more interesting and attract customers who share your values. In the same way as images and videos, it is thanks to this that you will be able to help users better understand your company and its values to commit to it.

You may as well respond to reviews left by customers. Many people pay attention to this detail, which says a lot about the state of mind of your structure.

Google My Business helps your business in several ways, including:

  • By giving it greater visibility on the search engine

The first benefit of local SEO relates to the visibility it gives your business. It will actually appear during relevant web searches related to a location. Your name will then be broadcast to a large audience near you.

  • By targeting the right people

By focusing on the local aspect of your business, Google My Business allows you to attract customers who are close to you and therefore more likely to use your services.

  • By highlighting customer reviews

Google My Business also has the advantage of highlighting customer reviews. And who better to talk about the customer experience than someone who has lived it? This improves your reputation and gives Internet users a sense of authenticity.

What is Google Maps?

Visibility with a Google Business Listing
Visibility with a Google Business Listing

Google Maps is an online map service developed by Google.

It offers satellite images, aerial photos, street maps, 360° panoramic views, etc.

It provides users with a wide range of information about business activities, such as the location of shops, restaurants and other points of interest, the ability to make turns at sight, etc.

Get more visibility with a Google Business Listing

Google My Business is a free business tool provided by Google that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Maps. It allows business owners to create and manage their business’s GMB listings, add photos or videos to their profile, respond to reviews, gain insight into how customers interact with your listing.

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