Google Maps does not work: you can do it

Are you on the move and Google Maps is not working? There can be various reasons for this. We’ll tell you what you can try to get the app working again – and hopefully it’s not too late to achieve your goal.

It’s annoying when Google Maps suddenly crashes, stops showing directions, or updates. But still no reason to despair or dig up the good old road atlas. Maybe it’s just a bad or dropped internet connection, a pending app update, or incorrect settings. Here you’ll find solutions and tips for the most common Google Maps problems.

Google Maps not working? Check internet connection

Google Maps requires an internet connection to work properly and update directions. The app therefore uses mobile data on the go to keep your route information up to date. So make sure your mobile phone has an internet connection – this can be seen in the status bar at the top of the screen. You also need to allow the app to use mobile data in settings. If you don’t want this, or if you’re driving in an area with poor internet coverage, it’s a good idea to download the required maps via WiFi first. With offline maps you can also navigate without an internet connection.

Enable location access for Google Maps

In the app settings, you can determine when Google Maps gets location access.

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Much like an internet connection, Google Maps needs access to your location in order to reliably guide you from A to B. So make sure your phone has GPS enabled and the app has access to your location. . You can check this on your Android phone in the settings under “Apps > All apps > Maps > Permissions”. Here location access should be allowed either always or at least when using the app. If you want, you can also be prompted each time the app starts if you allow access to the app location.

Improve location accuracy for navigation

Improve the location accuracy of Google Maps

You need to enable this cursor so that Google Maps can navigate as accurately as possible.

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You also need to improve location accuracy for Google Maps to work properly. You can do this under “Settings > Location > Location services > Google location accuracy > Improve location accuracy” using the slider. If this function is activated, Google uses sources such as WLANs, mobile networks and sensors in addition to the GPS receiver of the mobile phone to determine your position. It’s much more accurate than using GPS alone.

Calibrate the compass in Google Maps


During compass calibration, Google Maps looks for nearby items that it recognizes.

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If you continue to have trouble showing your exact location, it may help to recalibrate the compass in the app. To do this, tap the dot in Google Maps that marks your location. Then select “Calibrate” below and follow the on-screen instructions. Google Maps needs access to the camera and scans your surroundings for distinctive features.

Check the Play Store for available app updates

As Google is constantly working to improve its services, map updates are provided from time to time. If Google Maps is not working, you can check if you are really using the latest version. It is possible that the problems can already be solved with this. Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Maps”. If you see “Open” next to the search result, Maps is already up to date. However, if it says “Update”, you need to download and install the available update.

Clear cache and clear data


A full cache can cause performance issues.

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As with all apps, using Google Maps also generates temporary data that accumulates over time. After a while, this can lead to longer loading times or loss of performance. To clear app cache, go to Android settings and go to “Apps > All apps > Maps > Storage & cache”. There you have the possibility to delete the contents of the memory and to clear the cache.

Use Google Maps Go as a simple alternative


Google Maps Go is a resource-efficient alternative to Google Maps.

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If Google Maps is not working properly because your smartphone is suffering from performance issues, the lite version of the app can be an alternative. The technically lightweight version of the navigation app requires fewer resources and also works on older or less powerful smartphones. And don’t worry, the operation works the same as in the original version.


  • First check the internet connection.
  • Check if GPS is on and Maps has access to your location.
  • Enable “Improve Location Accuracy”.
  • Recalibrate the compass in the Maps app.
  • Check the Play Store for Google Maps updates.
  • Clear app cache and storage.
  • Use Google Maps Go as an alternative.

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