Google launches “Switch to Android” to easily switch from iOS to Android

Google has just launched its Switch to Android app. The latter helps new Android users to migrate their data from their old iPhone.

Switching to Android will become easier! Google has announced the launch of its new Switch to Android application. Because, as we all know, the smartphone planet is well divided into two camps! On the one hand, the Apple brand’s followers and, on the other, Android enthusiasts and their Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. A battle waged by users among themselves but also, and above all, by the two Android giants. and iOS. So when a user changes sides, the task can sometimes be tough. Not only are the operating systems different, but in addition, it is not always easy to migrate your data from one system to another.

Migrate your data in no time

A little over five years ago, Apple released its “Move to iOS” application. A way to facilitate its new users to integrate into the Apple ecosystem. Last July, we announced that Google was also working on a similar application. It’s done ! This week released Switch to Android. So if you’re about to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, this is the application to download absolutely!

For now, the application is not yet listed on the App Store. But if no communication has been made by Google, the application is nevertheless available via this direct link.

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Sources: Lemon Press, Fnac

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