Google launches its iOS app Switch to Android

Google launches an iOS application to Switch to Android. Simplify the switch to Android, sure, but there are still sticking points.

Moving from one operating system to another is a friction point for users on many levels, including data transfer, getting used to a new user experience, and perhaps application availability. Today, Google makes switching from iOS to Android simple with a new iOS app called Switch to Android.

Google launches an iOS application to switch to Android

The app in question requires a Google account and an active internet connection as the data transfer is done via Google Drive.

Judging from the overview card screenshots, it can be seen that typical data like Contacts, Calendar events, Photos and Videos are transferred. Keep in mind, however, that some app data may not be transferred. You will therefore have to find the information yourself and, in the worst case, assume that only the above data will actually be transferred.

The Google application also allows you to move photos from iCloud to Google Photos, this, we suspect, to gain new market share. That being said, Google Photo is a very solid storage option and if you’re going to switch to Android for good, that makes perfect sense. We can’t recommend Google Photo highly enough, without totally ruling out Microsoft OneDrive.

Simplify the switch to Android, sure, but there are still sticking points

Since apps are not moved, many cases will have to be handled manually, finding the Android equivalent and installing it, which could have been done automatically. Maybe in future versions. Transferring data from an iOS version to an Android version of an app is much more problematic, often requiring validation by the developer. However, this could also be automated via a conversion mechanism, even if provided by the developer himself, via an API. Unfortunately, this is only a dream at this stage.

We could also hope for an option to transfer this data in wired mode, but unfortunately, we currently have to go wireless, and therefore the web. Which might take a while if you have a 512GB device with lots of data.

This new application is however easier to use than the previous method which was based on backup via Google Drive. Hopefully this whole process will continue to evolve. Anything that makes it easier to switch from iOS to Android, and vice versa, is a good thing for users.

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