Google is developing an artificial intelligence capable of reading doctors’ prescriptions

It is a headache for many patients, but also and above all for pharmacists: unmanageable prescriptions. Scribbled, hastily written, incomplete words, the pitfalls are numerous. Faced with this problem, Google announced at its annual conference held in India that it was working with pharmacists to find a way to decipher them more easily, reports TechCrunch. The Silicon Valley giant has developed a prototype, not yet marketed, that would allow users to take a photo of the prescription or upload it to their phone’s photo library.

Once the image is processed, the app will clearly highlight the listed substances, which a Google executive showed in a test. “It will be an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents to include people in the loop like pharmacists. But no decision will be made solely based on the results of this technology,” he added.


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Included in Google Lens?

Every year in India, Google presents dozens of potential developments. This year, the American giant also admitted to working on a single and unified model to cover more than 100 Indian dialects, be it for speech or text, to make the web even more accessible to Indians in their mother tongue. Google also wants to develop access to agricultural data. To date, attempts to develop tools to decipher prescriptions have been unsuccessful. Google hopes to prove otherwise today. Google is already there with Google Lens, its intelligent visual recognition tool that lets you search from a photo or image and find the item on it. In particular, this makes it possible to identify plants, clothes or even to translate certain elements.


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