Google is developing an AI capable of writing code

Developers don’t start out unarmed when tackling a mountain of code. Fortunately, they benefit from many resources, and the development tools include aids for proper coding. But Google will go one step further.

Developing applications requires mathematical rigor and the application of rules within a restrictive framework. A task performed by millions of developers, but beware: artificial intelligence may well replace them.

A danger to developers?

GitHub, the platform that manages the development of applications, offers since last year a system that automatically creates code. This system, called CoPilot, quickly proved its worth: developers use it to generate up to 40% of the code for their software! GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, predicts that this number could double (!) over the next five years.

At Google, too, we work with so-called generative artificial intelligence, which uses algorithms to create images, videos and, in this case, code. The Pitchfork project was born within the X division of Alphabet. It’s been in the hands of Google’s Labs group since last summer, which means it’s important to search engine managers.

And for good reason: this AI knows “ learn to write code and rewrite it “. In fact, Pitchfork was designed to learn different programming styles and write new code based on this learning. In other words, this project would be able to design its own applications, which would allow Google to avoid recruiting engineers who are very costly…

On the one hand, this is bad news for developers who risk being displaced by artificial intelligence. But we can see the glass half full: the tasks assigned to coding professionals will be more interesting, they will require more imagination. Don’t panic, but at this point this project is still in its infancy.

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