Google gives Chrome a privacy guide to help with browser security

Chrome is one of Google’s biggest internet bets. This browser is the search giant’s gateway to everything users can see and use on the world’s largest network.

Something that Google doesn’t do without for its proposition is high levels of security and privacy. This can be seen in a novelty that will arrive soon. The internet giant will have a privacy guide to help with the security of this browser.

Even more security with Google

Although it is a very simple browser to use, Chrome has many options that the user can activate and thus completely modify its behavior. These focus on many areas and are capable of altering this proposition in many ways.

To help with security, Chrome will soon receive essential help for users. You will have a privacy guide, which will allow, in a simple and fast way, to configure the options to guarantee the levels of security and privacy required by users.

Privacy Guide in Chrome

The idea is to help users with each of the security options, trying to give them some context. It will then be up to users to choose the configuration that best suits the security and privacy model they want.

The guide can be repeated at any time, modifying the configuration and the profile applied at that time. Google wants users to be able to adjust their settings at any time and their browser to adapt accordingly.

There will be a lot more in this browser

Google revealed that this privacy guide will be modified and improved over time, with new options and settings. He wants users’ help to understand what other areas need to be supported to make Chrome even better.

This is an important measure and one that will certainly be welcome in Chrome. Google thus opens the door for users to be more secure and more focused on their privacy, all in a simple and very intuitive way.

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