Google could shut down some of its craziest projects

The big bets for Alphabet (and Google by extension) may very soon be different: some will close and the new star will be… Technology for health!

No one will be surprised by this news, because we all know now that most of the giants in the technology sector are undergoing a major restructuring at the strategic and commercial level, studying and in some cases reassessing which curves and which projects should implemented in its resources to optimize.

Google is not spared, if it had already announced the closure of Stadia as well as changes in other departments, it is now announcing several moves hand in hand with its parent company Alphabet, which is reviewing its most curious projects, innovative and strange to change its approach and work with more serious and future bets.

Google self-driving car

Some of Google’s weirder projects may be on hold.

Android Police colleagues told us about it, pointing out that some of the Alphabet X projects, such as self-driving taxis or automated delivery systems that use drones, could be in play to make way for new research and development opportunities. in drug discovery and other technologies. approaches to health.

And it is no less necessary to restructure Alphabet X, as reports reveal that between the eleven crazy projects in this department, around 30,000 million dollars have been lost to date, with figures of around 4,500 million in the negative only in the first three quarters of 2022 .

Stadia was just the beginning: Google plans to cut several departments

That’s something investors don’t like, especially in a scenario like this, which would increase pressure on Alphabet executives to change direction and close risky bets on unconventional technologies. to switch to products that have a better future and the opportunity to generate profits.

Health-related research and medical treatment appear to be among the new interests of the Alphabet and Google executives, starting with the biotech firm Calico, part of the conglomerate, which is exploring ways to fight aging and prevent diseases and problems. age-related. Notably, Calico already has two cancer drugs and another trying to prevent ALS in various stages of clinical trials.

Another company like Verily also got a boost after several deals related to detecting COVID-19 and tracking the Pfizer vaccine in vaccinated patients to test the results.

We don’t yet know what moves Alphabet will formalize in the coming months, but its X incubator is immersed in extensive testing of projects that should be left only to those with options and future commercial viability.

Of course, we do not yet know what will happen to all the projects, but some questionable applications that happened with the Loon balloons could very soon turn off the light, which will challenge the situation for the incubator models Alphabet X, whose numbers would count approx. 700 employees.

Perhaps some projects will not disappear, but come out of the Alphabet umbrella, as Waymo did then, and continue as an independent company, although it remains to be seen what will become of all these projects and what strategic strategies projects such as DeepMind, Google Fiber and the said followers, Calico and Verily.

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