Google: Clock app gets a makeover to wake you up more gently

Are you tired of hearing the thunderous ringing of your alarm clock every morning? Especially because turning it off, having to push a button on the screen, eyes barely open so early in the morning, is mission impossible for you? Well, rejoice, Google just made some small improvements that should unite you with its Clock application.

It is an application that we would certainly do without, but which is essential in everyday life. Google Clock, available on all Android smartphones, accompanies us every morning with its famous alarm clock. Or maybe you find that this app doesn’t offer the best user experience? Without even being a bad language and ignoring the fact that it is never pleasant to be pulled out of the arms of Morpheus at his alarm, we have to admit that this watch has its little faults… But the good news is that Google is reviewing its copy , with two new features offered in updates that have been rolling out for a few days. Here’s how Google Clock versions 7.3 and then 7.4 should make waking up easier.

Replace the harsh alarm with its own recordings

We start with the news implemented via version 7.3 of Google Clock, spotted by specialist journalist Mishaal Rahman, who shared his discovery on Twitter on January 16. According to him, a new option has appeared within the alarm ringtones offered in the app. While this already allowed you to select a song from a music streaming platform or an audio file downloaded to the smartphone, it is now possible to record your own audio. Google Clock has actually integrated a voice recorder to allow us to create even more personalized alarms. We leave you to imagine the range of possibilities, between rows of cult films, the rooster maniac that accompanied you during your last stay in the country, or even your own voice to give you good morning motivational messages… If you do If I can’t get enough of the ringtones offered by default, there’s no doubt you’ll find something to spice up your daily alarm clock!

However, note that as indicated 01 Cleaning, this news seems to be – at the moment – only available on the Google Pixel. We can only hope that this is a first test phase and that the Mountain View company decides to implement it soon on all Android smartphones compatible with this version 7.3 of Google Clock.

An alarm clock that is easier to turn off with a newly designed snooze button

The second piece of news in question is all the more interesting. Arriving for its part with the latest version 7.4 of Google Clock, which is currently being implemented, this time it is about the interface of the app to make it more manageable. If you’re one of those people who struggle every morning to silence your damn alarm, then rejoice: you no longer need to show dexterity by sliding your finger to “snooze” or “stop” mode, it’s two concrete buttons which now allow either to request a reminder in a few minutes or to stop the alarm clock completely. Which is still more practical, you agree.

Only slight subtlety: as noted Android police, this is actually a new accessibility related feature. The two new buttons offered are also large, making the task even easier for glasses or contact lens wearers. But you must have enabled at least one accessibility feature in the smartphone settings, a priori any, to take advantage of this new screen. And if you preferred the older version, which requires little effort and is therefore still less likely to cause wake-up crashes, then just turn off all your accessibility settings.

Sources: 01 Net, Android Police

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