Gestoci/Nina Keïta Kamara, Dga: “We are ready to deal with any possible disaster”

The Deputy Director General of the Petroleum Storage Management Company of Côte d’Ivoire (GESTOCI), Nina Keïta Kamara, assessed the response capacity of their services in the event of a disaster as satisfactory. She expressed this satisfaction on December 14, 2022 in Yamoussoukro, at the end of the fire exercise with the activation of the internal operation plan, which takes into account in particular the evaluation of human, technical and organizational resources, but also Gestoci’s strategy for fighting the fire.

“The men and women of the security system are really well trained to overcome all difficulties”, welcomed Nina Keïta Kamara. Nina Keïta Kamara therefore paid tribute to the agents of GSPM, SODEXAM, CCDO, National Gendarmerie, National Police. Especially since the 2022 exercise was inspired by a real fire that occurred in a Gestoci depot about two years ago. And it is the “speed, dexterity and efficiency of the interventions” that reassured the DGA. “We are very pleased to see that the fire was extinguished in 60 minutes, the time normally required to extinguish a depot fire,” she said.

The satisfaction of Nina Keïta Kamara also sees that the annual exercise, which aims to test the operational, technical means and performance in dealing with a fire at the depot, has seen innovations this year. “This year we used the ramp-up curve and the tactical situation as well as external interventions,” explained the DGA.

The exercise was followed by an on-site debriefing, where several points of criticism were made in the direction of the search for perfection in the emergency response capacity. Then, as the DGA reminded us, Gestoci is constantly in search of excellence. She invited all employees there. It is especially in this that it was the first company in the oil sector in 2020/2021 in Côte d’Ivoire with triple ISO certification, namely ISO 9001 version 2015, ISO 14.001 version 2015 and ISO 45.001 version 2018. This triple certification allows GESTOCI has a global risk management policy that is recognized by all.


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