France plans to introduce thermostats in all homes

Dependent on fossil fuel imports, France wants to speed up its ecological transition. This transformation requires investment in renewable energy and in devices that encourage sobriety. Smart programmers attached to the heating system are one of them. The state is considering making them compulsory within three years.

France has the largest nuclear fleet in Europe. In normal times, this feature makes it less dependent on imports of gas and other sources of fossil fuels for its production of electricity and heat.

Nevertheless, the unavailability of several reactors calls into question the reliability of nuclear power. Worse, these failures occur at a time when oil and gas prices are peaking. All these factors together force the authorities to rethink the organization of the national energy system and to focus more on sobriety. The solution requires the use of secure technologies, such as smart programmers that allow it better control of electricity consumption.

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Relief and control measures are being developed

If everything goes according to the government’s plans, all residential buildings will be equipped with thermostats from 2025. This represents an additional obligation to be integrated in the home insurance agreement and in a lease, among other things. It should be noted that these smart programmers are already mandatory for all new boiler installations carried out since 2018. If this provision really comes into force, the authorities will have the difficult task of verifying its use in all homes in the metropolitan area.

ImportantThe task promises to be difficult, knowing that France has at least 37.2 million homes on January 1, 2021.

The management ensures that it is currently working on the development of control tools in connection with this new regulation. The mission rests with the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Housing.

The installation of thermostats necessarily entails expenses for the owners. The latter could logically claim financial support to comply with the new law. At this point, the government confirms that a boost will indeed be given to them. The director especially insists on energy saving certificates unit, a mechanism which makes it possible to finance up to 65 euros for the installation of a smart programmer. It also considers other support measures for thermostatic valves connected to radiators.

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An obligation extended to old and tertiary buildings

ImportantThe installation of the thermostats will be carried out by the professionals who control the boilers of the residential buildings.

These heating engineers will therefore have an extra workload, knowing that 600,000 new homes are equipped with these intelligent programmers every year.

In addition to thermostats,

ImportantIndividual meters become mandatory in buildings with a collective heating system. With this measure,

The government intends to make residents more responsible for their energy consumption. These two measures should generate between 5 and 15% energy savings. The plan also plans to mandate the installation of thermostats in tertiary buildings from 2025.

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