FLOA, leader in France in payment facilities and mini loans

FLOA is a major player in payments and develops innovative financial products and services to better meet the needs of consumers and e-merchants. Marc Lanvin, DGA, reviews the development of this company over the years.

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I subscribe to €1 the 1st month

FLOA is 4 million customers and 1/3 of split payments made in France. Today, the French company is a specialist in small credits (payment in several installments) and is a pioneer in the mini-loan. “At FLOA, we have proven expertise that allows us to implement solutions for our partners that stand out for their simplicity, robustness and reliability. Faced with the explosion of split payment and the arrival of new players, separate FLOA stands out for its ability to score, a predictive model of results that allows us to predict solvency scores, provide quick responses to installment or mini-loan requests, and offer some of the most successful subscription processes on the market,” says Marc Lanvin, DGA at FLOA.

Customer satisfaction, the company’s priority

FLOA has always developed its solutions with and for its customers. “Support is at the heart of our BtoB service offering. We innovate with our partners, we offer them marketing support and share our expertise and experience for the benefit of the end customer. We build long-term partnerships and provide them with robust, long-lasting solutions backed by excellent customer service,” says Marc Lanvin. FLOA, which joined the BNP Paribas group at the beginning of February 2022, now has a double ambition: to accelerate their external growth to offer their financing solutions in Europe and internationally, and to reach the milestone of 5 million customers and to be present in 15 countries per 2025.

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