Finnair asks to serve the United States for Eurowings

finnish airline Finnair asked the US Department of Transportation (DOT) authorization to operate flights to the United States on behalf of Eurowings Discover, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa group.

A new file with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) reveals an interesting wet lease agreement, in preparation for this summer. Effective May 15, 2022, Finnair is applying for permission to operate flights on behalf ofEurowings Discover on the basis of a charter with crew. Specifically, Finnair would operate the following three Eurowings routes: from Frankfurt to The ace vegas and Tampaas well as Munich to Vegas.

Eurowings Discover is the leisure subsidiary of the Lufthansa group launched last summer. It is growing at a rapid pace and currently operates a fleet of around a dozen Airbus A330s, with several more aircraft to be delivered in the coming years. But this rate is not fast enough to meet its growth, which explains why it is looking elsewhere for planes in a short term period.

On his side, Finnair has been creative, as a result of the pandemic, by expanding its destinations in the United States (including adding flights to Dallas and Seattle), while its Asian routes suffer from the constraint of avoiding overflights of Russian territory following the invasion of Ukraine.


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