Find out more about scooter insurance

Scooter insurance is more expensive than car or scooter insurance because insurance companies require higher payouts for personal injury or property accidents involving scooters.

Choosing the right insurance for your scooter can wsave you money long term. There are several factors to consider before making your choice. These include understanding the contract and deciding on cancellation fees. It covers additional features that other types of insurance do not cover.

Types of scooter insurance

It is important to choose the right cover for your scooter. Different types of insurance have different limits on the amount they will cover. In general, The collision damage exemption does not cover your scooter only in the event of an accident. While full coverage and civil liability cover accidents caused by external factors such as:

  • the condition of the road;
  • personal faults;
  • vehicle failure.

You should also make sure that the company you choose offers interesting scooter insurance. Agencies tend to be more expensive for other types of vehicles, so it’s worth asking if there’s a discount on scooters.

For example, comprehensive coverage and third-party liability cover accidents caused by vehicle fault, so it’s a good idea to include these coverages when purchasing a policy.

Read the insurance agreement for your scooter!

When you take out insurance, it is important to understand the contract and decide on cancellation fees. Typically, the company will charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your scooter insurance after paying part of the prizes every month for at least six months. These fees are usually minimal, but can add up over time if you pay monthly premiums for several years without canceling your policy. It is also a good idea to read the fine print before signing up for scooter insurance.

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