Fashion Trend: Gremlins are back and ready to conquer our wardrobes…

After invading the fictional town of Kingston Falls, the gremlins now seems ready to take the fashion world by storm. More than 30 years after the release of the cult film that revealed them to the general public, these monstrous and adorable little creatures were straight out of the screenwriter’s imagination. Chris Columbusmakes a flamboyant comeback, hailed by the fashion world.

Gremlins…all in Gucci

Gizmo and his entire band of Mogwai friends were undoubtedly the stars of the final Spring/Summer 2023 Gucci show, with the all-twins cast wearing several pieces featuring the gremlins image. Sometimes printed on large evening gowns, sometimes turned into gadget accessories. We were actually able to see miniature Gremlins dolls wearing small leather bracessitting inside bags or hanging as key rings from trousers.

Although it was unexpected, the presence of Gremlins in this collection, which had as its theme “duality and multiplicity of identities”actually made perfect sense as mentioned QG : “Gremlins, if you remember, tend to multiply and have many different personalities, first sometimes evil, other times softer”.

As the Italian fashion house explains on Instagram, the image of Gremlins was really a means to Alessandro Michelethe artistic director of Gucci, to illustrate “legend” this duality: “We welcome all our different selves within us, whether they are cute, smart, mischievous, intelligent or dangerous”.

The Gremlins, new fashion stars?

As if to further revive the Gremlins mania, skateboarders’ beloved brand, Supreme also revealed, right at the same time, a collection featuring the image of the little hairy beasts, which were featured on hoodies, basketball jerseys or even skateboards. Which almost makes us want to leave them a place in our dressing room … before we find them on the screen in the animated series Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, scheduled for release in 2023 HBO Max.

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