Enthoven Girard Avocats: a true partner for companies in an emergency or conflict situation

VSThis is why, after having worked together for 10 years in a previous law firm, they created Enthoven Girard Avocats in 2013. Each with their own specialties, but both driven by a desire to support their clients on all levels, Eric and Fabrice have created a firm in their image.

The expertise of the firm at the service of companies

Enthoven Girard Avocats offers two main areas, namely restructuring and insolvency proceedings, as well as business litigation. During its existence, it happens that a company encounters difficulties which can be operational, financial or legal. In this case, calling on a professional as early as possible is the solution that should be considered. Fabrice Girard’s expertise provides support for managers, but also for shareholders. The actions implemented after an in-depth analysis of the situation make it possible to turn the company around and ensure its sustainability.

Sometimes these are conflicts that can jeopardize society. In this case, Eric Enthoven intervenes to find solutions, which sometimes involve going through the courts. Finally, certain situations require the simultaneous use of these two areas of expertise, as the difficulties encountered may lead to conflicts between partners and vice versa. In this case, the firm’s lawyers work together on the file and coordinate their actions.

People at the heart of procedures

What sets Enthoven Girard Avocats apart is its deeply human approach to its clients. Leaders who encounter difficulties are exposed to sometimes significant psychological risks. Supporting them on a daily basis is important. Supporting them is essential. Understanding how they work, their state of mind and being caring are all part of being a lawyer. “You have to be reactive, because the tensions and stress generated by these situations are often unprecedented for leaders. Knowing how to navigate in a storm is not easy” explains Eric Enthoven.

The prerequisite for any success is therefore the trust that will be established between the lawyer and his client. It is a real partnership that is being created. It is with this in mind that the firm was created and the employees recruited. The latter must carry these values. It is important that they share the same philosophy and show the same involvement. With three employees and lawyers, each client is certain to find personalized solutions and an attentive ear.

Challenges to overcome

The covid crisis has put many companies under state aid. During the various confinements, the firm was present to give advice to the leaders. Unfortunately, a large number of them now find themselves in difficulty, having no more help and having to deal with their debts. The diminished cash flow, high inflation and an activity that sometimes has trouble picking up again put them so badly that some have to consider permanently stopping their activity.

However, solutions exist, which the Enthoven Girard Avocats team is able to put in place. His expertise is needed more than ever. Too often still, leaders hesitate before resorting to the services of a lawyer. However, Enthoven Girard Avocats is a true partner with valuable know-how in resolving difficult situations. Calling on a lawyer specializing in restructuring and business litigation should not be seen as a failure but as a good management tool. He is in the best position to support managers faced with their difficulties. The human is just as important. And that’s what every leader is sure to find at Enthoven Girard Avocats.

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