Energy savings: The French are ready to limit heating this winter

Are the French ready to make an effort in terms of energy consumption this winter? This is what appears from the OpinionWay survey regarding The echoes and classic radio. Due to the war in Ukraine, Europe and France are going through an unprecedented energy crisis, with a particular risk of blackouts this winter. Thus, according to this study, 80% of the French is ready for limit heating to 19°C in public institutions (schools, administrations, etc.). On the private side, 71% of respondents are also prepared to limit the heating in their homes this winter.

The lack of electricity, gas or fuel concerns 71% of the French

The survey also tells us that 64% of respondents accept the introduction of a progressive tariff on gas and electricity. This represents 42% of French “fairly concerned” and 22% of “very concerned”. Next, 57% of the French approve rationing of gas and electricity to businesses and 40% agree to apply this measure at their level. However, the risk of a shortage of electricity, gas or fuel is cause for concern 71% of French respondents. In addition, the French should expect an increase in gas and electricity prices in 2023.

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