Energy price: 7 French 10 ready to produce their own electricity

An important issue in the 21st century, the energy transition is, for two thirds of the French, above all synonymous with great progress for future generations, combining the satisfaction of energy needs and the preservation of the environment. If for some years the world has integrated the need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and our emission of greenhouse gases in order to limit the effects of global warming on the planet, the current geopolitical tensions accelerate the awareness of the sources of France’s energy supply and the risks and consequences associated with excessive dependence on imports.

Against a background of questions about the depletion of natural resources, rising energy prices and concerns about purchasing power, how do the French envision the future? Between economic reality and necessary changes, here are the most important lessons from the survey carried out by the OpinionWay institute for EDF ENR, specialist in turnkey solar systems, for individuals and professionals.

Solar energy seems to be a solution for the future

We are coming to a historical turning point which marks the end of energy carelessness. In the spotlight, France’s policy in this area has never had such an echo, and if the IPCC reports have not yet succeeded in creating the collective leap needed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, questions of independence and purchasing power offer us an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate France’s transition to a sustainable growth model. This is an important issue for the French people, who mostly see this development as progress. And to achieve this, solar energy seems to be a solution for the future, sovereign and sustainable, where we must commit. The simplification of administrative procedures will undoubtedly facilitate the development of new projects for individuals, companies and local communities. The sector has the capacity to develop and the prospects for job creation are significant. Solar cells must occupy a prominent place in the French energy mixcommented Benjamin Declas, chairman of EDF ENR.

Self-consumption: a future solution for the French

Access to energy does not come naturally, and humanity must accelerate its preparation for the inevitable consequences of the scarcity of fossil resources and climate change. If the French are relatively confident in our ability to build buildings adapted to current environmental challenges (60%) and move towards a more rational energy consumption (52%), a third believe that renewable energy will be sufficient to cover the entire territory’s energy consumption. Driven especially by the optimism of young people, 44% believe that they will allow us to satisfy at least half of them (50% of those under 34 versus 41% of those over 50).

Producing and consuming your own electricity: a standard in the future

For 60% of the population, producing and consuming their own electricity will become the norm in the near future. And this will go through solar energy, which is considered obvious to overcome the depletion of fossil fuels for almost eight out of 10 respondents (78%), which will also promote the generalization of self-consumption in buildings for almost every other French (49 %).

Thus, many are those who strive to develop solar systems in France both to preserve the environment and to improve their purchasing power: for 72% of the French, the production and consumption of their own solar energy would be the best way to control its energy. budget. And according to them, the estimated savings potential, thanks to the installation of panels, reaches 32% savings on average.

A quarter of respondents (25%) even believe that this could enable them to at least halve their electricity bill. A positive perception of the impact of own consumption on the portfolio, to which young people under 25 and the working class are particularly sensitive, convinced by 86% and 78% respectively that it would be the modality, the most effective way to address their soaring energy bills.

The lack of incentive for individuals, the first reason for France’s delay

More than three-quarters of the French (78%) believe that investment in solar energy is not massive enough and that the lack of incentives is, for almost one in two, the main reason for France’s delay in the field (48%).

Endorsed by eight out of ten French people, the introduction of incentive mechanisms for individuals would offset the costs of acquiring and installing solar panels, which represent the biggest obstacle despite the potential savings that can be achieved over time (63%). As a result of an entry ticket perceived as high and the fear of investing one’s money badly, other criteria are also mentioned, but to a lesser extent: the durability of the equipment (46%), the fear of fraud (43%) or too long. return on investment (41%). Less cited, the ignorance of financing support (38%), contracts for the purchase of solar energy (33%) or photovoltaic energy systems (32%) also limits the transition to the law.

Method : survey conducted by OpinionWay with a sample of 1027 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

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