Energy crisis: The inhabitants of Bas-Rhin seem ready to show sobriety



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C.Arnold, A.Husser, B.Caplau – France 2

France television

Friday 23 September is the first day of autumn. LThe temperatures have been dropping sharply for a few days, which goes hand in hand with the return home from heating, which will cost more this year. The inhabitants of Bas-Rhin seem ready to show energy proximity.

In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin)on the morning of Friday, September 23, when we woke up, it was 6°C. Scarves and gloves have come out of the cupboards, but in apartments or houses most heaters are still switched off. “We will only turn the heating back on in November, because it will be expensive this year”witnesses a resident. Fortunately, the afternoons stay mild for now, with the sun to warm the interior.

On everyone’s mind is concern for the coming months, with rising energy costs and the call for sobriety. How can you continue to heat without seeing your bill explode? Beatrice asks herself that question. Al Aiedyproduction manager and resident of Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin). She will try of to sink its radiators at 19°C, or even 18°C ​​this winter, by also adding a central thermostat.

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