Energy crisis: Salon’s people ready for more sobriety?

While the energy situation coupled with high inflation is worrying, the government has launched a major austerity plan to weather the winter with a target of 10% savings (especially on gas and electricity). In addition to the communities and businesses requested, the President of the Republic calls for everyone’s solidarity. Far from being resigned, citizens seem mobilized to reduce their energy bills and thus work in favor of the planet. “It’s pretty stupid, but I got into the habit of turning off my box before I go to bed,” begins Jean-Sébastien, a young chef who fears seeing his electricity bill “explode”. “I am also aware of the importance of moderation and being more careful”, wants to emphasize the one who admits to having felt “ecologically responsible recently”. Another habit that Jean-Sébastien changed drastically: extended showers. “I admit that I used to stay under hot water for a long time. Now I make sure to be sensible. I also don’t take showers anymore after reading that it takes 200 liters of water to fill a bathtub!” exclaims the chef .Further on, in the middle of a shopping session, Martine gives some of her time to testify on the subject, which she knows well as a former member of the Europe Écologie-Les Verts party: “I have always been careful about the way I consume. I am anti-waste and strive to do my daily selective sorting. So when I hear our president calling for less abundance, I get angry! Some politicians live in a different world and they are tired of making us feel guilt over our lifestyle! “, this pensioner is indignant. To save energy, Martine invested 3 years ago in solar panels to “on the one hand generate clean energy and then reduce my bill by about 20%, it’s not nothing!” .And she is not the only one who has started.

I hope to save money

The current energy crisis is accelerating the ecological transition. “I hope to save some money at the end of the month. And excess energy will be used elsewhere. It’s a very good way to cope with the financial situation,” argues Cyril as he strolls through the streets of Salon. “I installed them 6 months ago, some time after the start of the war in Ukraine. I had been thinking about it for a while, but this was the trigger. And I was right, the risk of energy shortages is more relevant than ever”. But in addition to this investment, Cyril, the project manager, avoids turning on the air conditioner too much, delays the time of year when heating is needed and pays close attention to his water consumption. “It is also up to large companies to make an effort. I’m shocked to go to a supermarket with the music blaring, the lights flickering in all directions and the air conditioning on max… It seems concrete measures will be put into use in the autumn, I’m waiting to see if all the players in the supermarkets will respect them…”, adds this father, moving on to his work. A few steps away, Guylaine sits on a bar terrace, and does not see sobriety in the same way: “sobriety okay, but not in my glass!” jokes this former daycare provider. Without jargon, she does not hide her attraction to conspiracy and her anger at governments. “What do you think it’s all true? Global warming was simply invented to promote nuclear energy!”. Um… (I remain speechless). Everyone wants their own opinion on the matter.

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