Employees of Cultura de Toulouse are on strike and ready to continue

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This Saturday, 3 December, they mobilized to demand a 10 per cent pay rise.

A guard of honor in front of the doors of Cultura de Balma. An almost friendly atmosphere. Customers might expect a warm welcome from store staff this first Saturday in December. The shouted slogan, “Cultura on strike”, brings us back to a completely different reality. About twenty employees, non-managers, responded to the CGT union’s national call from 15.00 to 17.00.

“My salary increase is €35 gross per month. It doesn’t even compensate for the increase in petrol”, laments Grégory (first name changed), in the group for 15 years. Because this is the first demand of the strikers: to raise wages. CGT is asking for a 10% increase as soon as possible. “The cost of living has gone up, but not what we get. We can’t make ends meet,” says Arnaud, 29. Grégory adds: “We’re also asking for more benevolence from management. They want us to be versatile, but we don’t value our competences rather than salary”. The attackers also question the group’s choice. “The management invests in the development of the group, but the employees are put aside, it invests nothing for us”, he concludes.

A petition was launched online by the CGT and had gathered more than 1,000 signatures by Saturday evening. Before the strike, the management had proposed bringing forward the annual discussions, from the summer to February. Not enough to satisfy the union. The workers now say they are ready to renew the movement next Saturday, if necessary, in Balma and Labège.

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