Elon Musk wants to send humanity to Mars to escape ‘nuclear Armageddon’

Elon Musk declared at a conference with the American Academy of Sciences on November 18 to want to establish a permanent base on March in order to escape climatic disasters as well as ” Armageddon nuclear “.

SpaceX CEO, Elon Muskhas big plans to “save humanity”. The billionaire may make a donation of 6.6 billion dollars to fight against hunger in the world, but this is not his main ambition. Indeed, during his intervention filmed during a meeting of the American Academy of Sciences, Elon Musk exposed his plans for the colonization of March. The project is, for him, more important than ever given climate change, comet falls and the “ good old Armageddon nuclear which humanity is likely to face on the blue planet. For the richest man in the world, to make humanity a species multiplanetary is the best way to mitigate the “ civilizational risks “.

Musk thus envisages the worst for the future of the planet. He already sees himself boarding a SpaceX Starship rocket, Earth in the mirrors, to land on Marchaway from disasters.There is always a risk that a comet will destroy a continent “, he saysadding that there was “ many continental-level extinction events that have occurred in the fossil record “. According to him, ” larger rockets and more powerful could help us repel invaders such as comets and “ one day save billions of people “. Of course, if the billionaire is taken at his word, the future dangers facing humanity are practically all avoidable thanks to SpaceX or Tesla… Business is business. Unless we are content to shift the problems.

Wednesday, Elon Musk said he wanted to attempt the first orbital flight with her mega rocket Starship. The rocket was selected to carry out the highly symbolic return of the Americans to the Moon. Starship is here “ largest rocket ever designed » and, eventually, it could become « a widespread means of transportation for large numbers of people “.

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