Elon Musk wants to open a 24-hour Tesla restaurant in Hollywood

According to documents submitted to the city of Los Angeles, Elon Musk plans to open a Tesla restaurant (24 hours a day) and which would make it possible to recharge the brand’s cars.

Four years ago, Elon Musk first mentioned – on Twitter, unsurprisingly – a “roller skate and rock restaurant” that would also serve as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Today, the CEO of Tesla has taken a giant step towards the realization of this new project. On May 19, the electric vehicle company submitted documents to the city of Los Angeles for a Tesla restaurant that would be open 24 hours a day at 7001 W. Santa Monica Blvd. at Hollywood.



According to the architectural plans, the restaurant would be some 864 square meters and would offer 200 seats, while allowing the delivery of meals to drive-in cars.

The 9,300 square foot space (864 square meters) would include a movie theater outdoors and a 28-stand charging station. The architectural plans show that the restaurant would be established on two floors with more than 200 seats, inside and outside. The outer seats would have a direct view of two large LED cinema screens. The dishes would also be delivered by drive-in to the cars.

Payment in Dogecoin

Recall that almost a year ago, Tesla had filed applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in order toget the branding of a “T” shaped logo for a whole series of restaurant conceptsfrom self-service to takeaway.

Plans for Hollywood’s “Supercharger” restaurant must first be approved by the city. If no other details have yet been revealed, we already know that the design would be futuristic, in the image of the brand. Elon Musk recently claimed that payment could be made in Dogecoin.

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