Elon Musk: unpinned grenade

He is 50 years old, he founded Paypal, Tesla and Space X, his fortune is valued at 260 billion dollars and he refuses that Twitter, “his” playground, has become calmer and more professional like the entire web.

Since 2016, the financial market authority has multiplied investigations for manipulation of the price of Tesla, a car manufacturer. In question, wacky tweets announcing productions that ultimately do not exist, others indicating that Tesla was going to be withdrawn from the Stock Exchange. Elon Musk pays a $20 million fine, resigns as CEO and promises his tweets will now be vetted by lawyers before publication. In 2020, however, he tweets that Tesla’s stock price seems too high to him. It dives 10%.

When Tesla crosses the threshold of 1000 billion market capitalization, it commits an illegible tweet, typographical rumbling. Last November, Musk launched a consultation on Twitter: should he sell 10% of his Tesla shares? It would earn him $21 billion. In reality, he owes 15 billion dollars to the tax authorities following a gigantic capital gain. He has no choice, but he makes the show. Tesla stock drops 5%.

Each tweet affirms one and the same thing: the fact of the prince. He’s the master of the game. That’s what he wants.

In addition, the social network is used to mock the big belly of Bill Gates and to mock those who will condemn his tweet, to show his support for the rapper Kanye West presidential candidate, then to retract, to treat of “paedophiles” speleologists rescuing Thai children stuck in a cave, then apologizing, announcing a Texas Institute of Technology and Science whose acronym would be TITS, “tits”, or tweeting very seriously that “50% of his tweets are written on a porcelain throne”, on the toilet, then, I imagine.

Elon Musk, obsessed with “free speech”, the freedom to say that he pulls towards aggressiveness, relaxation, nonsense sometimes, provocation… specific to the beginnings of the Internet. As if the world had not changed, as if the Gafa had not encouraged disinformation and the manipulation of opinions, as if the networks had not weakened democracies, as if the American Senate and the European Commission were not typing not – there – fist on the table, as if the midterm elections weren’t just around the corner, as if Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk wasn’t a pinned grenade whose extremes salivate at the thought to seize.

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