Elon Musk threatens to fire people who work from home, but there aren’t enough desks in Tesla offices

Those who returned to Tesla offices said they struggled to find parking, if not an office to work from. Some even talked about a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Recently, Elon Musk threatened to lay off Tesla employees in smart work to incentivize a return to the office. “At least 40 hours a week,” he wrote earlier this month in emails to his employees. However, it seems that the company was ill-prepared to welcome its employees back. According to a report by The Information, those who returned to Tesla’s offices in Fremont, Calif., said they struggled to find parking, if not a desk to work from. Some even spoke of a bad WiFi connection, which for a company that has the same CEO as Starlink is a bit of a paradox. A situation so serious and uncomfortable that some managers have been forced to send some work teams home.

It is therefore unclear why Elon Musk is so eager to see Tesla’s offices fill up again when they are in a state dating back to the outbreak of the pandemic. Clearly, the world’s richest man hasn’t taken into account that Tesla’s workforce has been growing since 2019, reaching 99,210 people today, according to The Information. In the past, Musk has spoken out against smart working, or remote work, only being granted to those doing a “great” job, reports The Verge. A vision that involves not only Tesla employees but also SpaceX employees.

A really complex situation, which could alarm already worried Twitter employees. After the agreement between Musk and the management for the acquisition of the platform for 44 billion dollars, the famous entrepreneur decided to reshuffle the cards due to an excessive number of fake accounts. The case is therefore at an impasse, but from the start Twitter employees did not react well to the takeover of Musk. The story of the Tesla offices risks exacerbating internal fears among workers.

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