Elon Musk thinks the press is too complacent with brands

Tesla doesn’t advertise, either in the press or on public billboards – a luxury few brands can afford.

Asked about the subject, Elon Musk declared with a certain irony, that he should maybe invest in advertising and the sequel is quite amazing. The boss of Tesla essentially explains, that when a constructor appears in a log traditionalreporters are generally more lenient with the brand in question. It seems obvious that if a journalist criticizes General Motors right next to an advertisement for General Motors, you will have a marketing person who will call you and say… “Why did you do that?” And Musk to estimate that budgets will be scaled down for a magazine who was not kind enough with the manufacturer.

Here is an exit which echoes the recent article byFreeze frames who essentially believes that Apple buys the press with small cakes and well-targeted exclusivities. But in practice, difficult to generalize the words of the boss of Tesla : if the advertisers are often the same as the products tested – whether in tech, automotive or whatever the field – criticism remains in order and competition requires a little humility.

But it is true that with certain brands, especially the most prominent, incriminating or overly critical articles sometimes have direct consequences for journalists, who are then no longer invited to certain presentations for example or to whom we no longer necessarily lend the products. All of this often translates into less financial impact, which is not insignificant for some newspapers.

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