Elon Musk, the billionaire who wanted to control Twitter

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Summary. On April 4, Elon Musk entered the capital of Twitter by buying 9.2% of the shares, thus becoming the first shareholder of the social network. But the richest man in the world does not stop there.

On April 14, he announced that he had filed an offer to purchase all of Twitter’s shares at a price of $54.20 per share. It was finally on April 25 that the board of directors of the social network reached an agreement with the businessman, for 44 billion dollars.

This acquisition raises questions, because Elon Musk is known to be a supporter of total freedom of expression. By appropriating one of the most popular social networks in the world, the billionaire, who has more than 90 million subscribers on Twitter, says he wants to “save freedom of expression”, even if it means relaxing certain moderation rules.

This episode of Source Code is told by Loïc Pialat, correspondent in the United States, in Los Angeles.

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