Elon Musk takes a big wind on Twitter

Always very talkative on Twitter, Elon Musk tried to appease parliamentarian Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, believing that his incendiary tweet was intended for him. Except that this one was aimed at Mark Zuckerberg. What make Internet users hilarious.

Elon Musk – Credit: TED / YouTube

The billionaire has been at the center of attention in recent weeks. And for good reason, Elon Musk bought Twitter by investing the tidy sum of 44 billion dollars. Once the takeover is concluded, he does intend to make big changes to the social network, promising in particular to promote freedom of expression which he considers to be restricted. What give cold sweats to Twitter executives.

In the light of this burning news, Musk apparently believed that a tweet written by Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was directed at him. It is also possible that he simply decided to troll, knowing full well that he was not targeted.

The elected said in particular “tired of the collective stress of a potential hate crime spike because an ego-conscious billionaire controls a gigantic communications platform and messed with it because Tucker Carlson and Peter Thiel invited him to dinner and that he felt special”.

Twitter: when Elon Musk is rebuffed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Elon Musk quickly pointed the tip of his nose by posting a funny answer: “Stop flirting with me, I’m very shy”. But the billionaire hit a wall. “I was talking about Zuckerberg but ok”replied the parliamentarian, causing a tidal wave of mockery on the social network, Internet users reveling in the rake wiped by the founder of Tesla.

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For the record, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not carry Zuckerberg in her heart. She had notably manhandled the founder of Facebook in 2019 before Congress by questioning him about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the platform’s involvement in disinformation.

Note that Ocasio-Cortez deleted his tweet in the process before finally posting a screenshot of the exchange. And to take the opportunity to address a strong tackle to Elon Musk: “Like I said, ego issues”. A way to emphasize that Musk’s intervention perfectly illustrated the problem she raised in her initial tweet.

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