Elon Musk shares updates on FSD Beta 10.13

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared new updates on Tesla’s latest 10.13 beta. to respond to John Stringer’s Tesla Owners in Silicon Valley Who asked if there is a date for FSD Beta 10.13 release date.

Elon Musk replied Maybe this weekend. He added that the team is working hard for it. Next, John asked Elon what he thought of the update.

“It should be a huge improvement in terms of complex left turns. »

Tesla started rolling out FSD Beta 10.13 internally earlier this month

Earlier this month, Tesla began rolling out FSD Beta 10.13, and the release notes pointed to an unprotected left turn for beta tester Chuck Cook. Other improvements focused on false positives and false decelerations around trails.

To see the full list of improvements, tap over here.

FSD is on track for a large scale release in North America by the end of this year

via Tesla Earnings Appeal Last week, Elon Musk said the FSD was on track to release it to all Tesla customers in North America before the end of this year.

“FSD Beta is on track to release it to all North American customers before the end of this year. Hopefully, if we get regulatory approval, we hope to release it in Europe and other parts of the world. »

Asked by Elon what he thinks of the evolution of FSD and whether the departure of Andrej Karpathy had an effect or not, Elon said that Tesla has a team of around 120 people in their AI software suite. who are very talented.

He also said that Andrei writes all the code himself, so things had to come to a complete stop. Despite this, Elon is very confident that Tesla will solve the FSD problem this year.

“We have a team of around 120 people in our AI software suite and they are very talented. And I think we’ll have – I’m pretty confident we’ll solve fully autonomous driving and it still looks like that this year. »

Elon Musk shares updates on FSD Beta 10.13

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