Elon Musk says he never encouraged people to buy cryptos

Elon Musk is often perceived by part of the public, not necessarily a fan of the person, as an overpowered investor, to the point that it becomes dangerous. The area where the businessman from Pretoria has the most influence is undoubtedly that of cryptocurrencies.

He is often perceived as a demi-god in this world still very closed in on itself, where the actions or words of a single man, who has considerable influence, can shake up entire markets and make millions win or lose. dollars in a matter of hours.

Figures that make you dizzy and that inevitably intoxicate the few people capable of changing things in this way. But Elon Musk assures him, he is not part of this group of people. According to his own statement, he did not “never said people should invest in crypto”.

A very different speech in one year

This justification which arrives like a stone in the fed up was pronounced by Musk during the economic forum which was held in Qatar a few days ago. A short sentence that did not fail to react, especially when it comes out of the mouth of the author of the tweet for the less explicit.

While at the beginning of 2021 Elon Musk promoted on his Twitter account Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on nothing (or almost) that had no reason to work in the long term, now the latter reached the beginning of May a value of 50 cents, becoming at the same time one of the most valued cryptocurrencies of the time.

If Elon Musk has never clearly called for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, the publicity he has given to this digital currency is unparalleled on the internet. Already in 2021 he was described by some users as playing with Dogecoin as if it were his own company, something Musk denied at the time, explaining that his role in this story was minimal.

Elon Musk singled out as responsible

But while the cryptocurrency market is at its worst today, many investors are turning to the boss of Tesla or SpaceX, as if to demand accountability. For his part, the businessman tries to defend himself as much as he can. He also assured during this same economic forum in Qatar that he continued to believe in Dogecoin, and that he still bought it.

An announcement that still caused a stir on the internet and especially Twitter. Today in deep crisis, cryptocurrencies have lost much of their value. To take the example of Dogecoin, it is currently selling for around 0.5 euro cents. This is 100 times less than just over a year ago.

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