Elon Musk on the verge of lowering the price of his Tesla, but…

There is always a but. Is not it? It’s very Frenchy and for once, the boss of the firm with the big T has used this formula to try to explain that Tesla vehicles will not always be as expensive as they are now. Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 went from 40,000€ to 53,490€ in just 6 months and for the other models, you must above all be patient.

A tense economic context

If Elon Musk had been playing with runaway inflation, he was forced to raise tariffs globally to bear the costs of transportation, raw materials and perhaps slowdowns in production lines. For the last point, it is my own analysis, indeed, it is conceivable that the interruption of the Chinese factory is forced the firm to apply increased tariffs for a period.

Elon Musk wants to be reassuring about falling prices

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet on Friday that the electric car maker could lower prices if inflation “calms down.”

The economic context therefore needs to improve for prices to regain a more affordable cruising speed. Nevertheless it should be remembered that in a context where the demand is greater than the offer and that they do everything they can to meet it.

They will continue to raise prices if people continue to buy at these prices because it means more money for society. Eventually, demand will decline, competition will intensify, and prices will fall (prices fell before they started climbing in 2021), but until then there’s no reason to make anything less dear. According to us 😉

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