Elon Musk is “seriously” considering launching a new social network

Customary of the fact, Elon Musk again agitated the social network Twitter, Sunday March 27, reports CNN. The Tesla boss responded to a user who asked him if a new platform was necessary, explaining that he was “seriously thinking” about doing it. For some time, the billionaire has not spared his remarks with regard to the social network. Very critical, last week, he lamented that Twitter “does not respect the principles of freedom of expression” and “undermines freedom of expression”. “Is a new platform needed?” he tweeted. Elon Musk has 79 million subscribers, reports Les Echos, and often creates controversy with his tweets.

The latter would not be the first American personality to look into the creation of a new social network. Donald Trump launched Truth Social in February after being banned from most platforms. Gettr was launched by Jason Miller, former adviser to the former US president. Some argue that this would be in the name of pluralism of information and freedom of expression. But Elon Musk’s tweets have often had repercussions on stock prices, pacing the market.


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In 2018, an agreement was reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC, which manages the regulation of financial markets. This forces the billionaire to validate the tweets concerning Tesla by the legal branch of the company. The instance has already pinned and attacked Elon Musk, in particular when he asked his subscribers if he should sell 10% of his shares in Tesla, specifies CNN. For his part, the leader of Tesla speaks of “harassment” and refuted a recent subpoena.


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