Elon Musk hasn’t tweeted in 9 days. What’s going on?

Elon Musk is on his longest streak without posting on Twitter in nearly five years, a nine-day hiatus that comes amid tumultuous efforts to complete his planned $44 billion deal to buy the platform.

The billionaire CEO of Tesla Inc. TSLA,
Last posted June 21, marking Thursday the longest silence since October 2017. Normally a serial tweeter, he hasn’t gone more than six days without tweeting since January 2018, according to an analysis of tweet data from the Wall Street Journal. Since then he has taken a few four-day breaks, most recently last January, according to the analysis.

Musk’s split from Twitter follows a recent period when he was particularly active on the platform, with a steady stream of posts about the deal, in which he spoke about his criticism of the company. and its policies and plans. Of the 10 weeks with the most tweets from Musk since he joined the platform more than a decade ago, five have come since April 1. Musk’s significant stake in Twitter Inc. TWTR,
went public on April 4 and he closed his deal to acquire it on April 25.

It could not be determined why Musk, who leads Tesla and SpaceX, is absent from Twitter. He has long used the platform as his primary channel for communication on a range of topics, from rocket launches by SpaceX, to a question about cheese, to expressing opinions on US politics. Unlike most other highly followed users, he often reacts or replies to messages from others.

Musk’s team has told people involved in the Twitter acquisition that he’s been less available recently because he’s had to deal with personal issues, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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