Elon Musk could cut 10% of Tesla staff over ‘super bad feeling’

While Elon Musk recently threatened to fire Tesla employees who telecommute too much, the richest man in the world seems ready to really fire Tesla employees. But for a completely different reason this time: the CEO of Space X and Tesla fears an upcoming recession in the United States. Elon Musk is therefore ready to take the necessary measures to take the hit and has announced that his electric car company could lay off 10% of its staff in the next three months and suspend hiring worldwide.

The millionaire spoke this Tuesday, June 21 at Bloomberg’s Qatar Economic Forum according to Reuters and said of a potential coming recession that it seemed more likely than not. Some days before, Reuters previously reported that Elon Musk emailed Tesla executives asking them to “pause all hiring globally” because he had “super bad feelings” about the economy. He clarified at the Qatar Economic Forum that the downsizing would only apply to employees, which would amount to a 3.5% reduction in the number of employees at the company. Elon Musk also plans to increase the number of workers paid by the hour rather than a fixed salary.


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