Elon Musk confirm some information about the Cybertruck

Elon Musk has just confirmed several information about the Cybertruck, his electric pickup.

Tongues begin to loosen over the Tesla Cybertruck, announced in 2019 and still not marketed. Through an interview broadcast on YouTube, Elon Musk came to announce some details, such as the fact that the design had been validated. In addition to this, the businessman explained that the production start date for the electric pickup is now set for mid-2023.

Design and start of production confirmed for the Tesla Cybertruck

While the Cybertruck was to be produced in 2021, Tesla kept pushing it back. Via this delay, the first explanation is the tweaking of the exterior design of the vehicle in order to meet the legal requirements for the electric pickup to circulate on American roads.

Via a new interview delivered to the Tesla Owners Club in Silicon Valey on Youtube, Elon Musk thus underlined that the final design of the Cybertruck had been validated, with many changes in passing. This vehicle would thus be almost ready for mass production.

Now that the design has finally been validated by the CEO of Tesla, production should start soon. Moreover, a few words have been shared on this subject. Elon Musk has finally clarified that the pickup would start production from mid-2023. Logically, this period should allow the company to adapt its new production line dedicated to this vehicle. As a reminder, this model should be produced in Tesla’s new industrial complex, located in Austin, Texas (United States).

Note, this information is still to be taken with a grain of salt, even if it comes from Elon Musk. Indeed, the manager’s promises and announcements often go against the restrictive reality of production, and very often reflect his simple will.

In addition to this, the American manufacturer must still succeed in mass producing battery cells in order to keep pace and maintain the pace of the assembly lines. For information, Tesla’s Cybertruck should benefit from battery capacities of around 100 kWh.

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