Elon Musk after his shirtless photo from Greece blew up the internet

A tweet from Elon Musk or a photo of the big boss of Tesla is enough to create buzz on social networks. And that’s exactly what happened when photos of him basking in the sun shirtless on what is a yacht in Greece surfaced on Twitter. He broke the internet. But guess what? Musk, as usual, had the coolest response to the commotion around his shirtless photos. In the now-viral snaps, the SpaceX CEO is seen spending free time on an expensive yacht named Zeus, floating in the Aegean Sea. The photos, sourced from Page Six, show Musk sunbathing on the yacht after diving into the water.

One of the photos shows Musk, who is wearing a black swimsuit, being hosed down by his company on the yacht, Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel. Another photo shows Musk drying off with a towel, followed by another that shows the Tesla owner sipping a cold drink.



Within a day, Musk came across the images going viral after a user with a handle named Teslaconomics shared the images and in the caption wrote: “F**k yeah. I have my money behind this man.

The Twitter user also shared a screenshot showing how the media covered Elon Musk’s shirtless photos.

Reacting to the user’s Tweet, Musk hilariously wrote, “Hahaha damn maybe I should take my shirt off more often…release the pinch!” He mentioned that he was “back at the factory already”.

Musk’s trip to Mykonos is revealed amid the legal battle Musk is engaged in with Twitter. The microblogging platform filed a lawsuit against Musk for opting out of the $44 billion acquisition.

Twitter says Musk is trying to frustrate the deal given Twitter’s deteriorating market value and the acquisition no longer serves his interests. Now, with the lawsuit, Twitter is trying to close the deal and the trial in court will begin on September 19.

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