Elmo: his remote-controlled car gets a traffic permit in Estonia

FElmo, the next-generation mobility provider, has passed the Estonian Traffic Administration’s certification test with a remote-controlled electric car. The company has received official permission to start testing the remote control technology in traffic.

Let’s go ! ELMO now offers its services on the streets of Estonia. The goal is to put the first 20 remote-controlled electric cars into use this year. As part of the real-world trials, the company can already start providing short-term rentals with the first cars.

Until the end of 2022, a safety driver will also travel to the booked destination. Its presence will be to provide safety, gain street driving experience and help refine the remote control’s uniqueness and technology.

According to Enn Lannsoo, CEO and founder of Elmo, “last autumn we were the first in estonia to launch a concept that gives the customer the opportunity to freely order and rent a car where it suits them. It is much more convenient than looking for a free car on the street, and it creates a significant competitive advantage for ELMO.

The car that passed the Estonian Traffic Authority’s test was a first-generation electric Nissan Leaf equipped with remote control technology. At the same time, the next-generation electric Leaf has also been prepared for testing. And preparations for the Renault Zoé have begun, of which the first five examples will also be put into use immediately.

For the CEO and founder of Elmo, “At present, there is still no remote control car in the world that serves customers in real traffic conditions. This technology has already generated great interest and attention in France and Germany. We traveled there in the early summer to demonstrate the technology, which gave the impetus to start certifying the technology in these countries as well. “.

The benefit of remote control technology is particularly evident in large cities where parking and emissions problems are significant. Elmo is now optimistic about his ability to reach the French and German markets. It can be the first service provider thanks to the sale of the technological license and the remote control service.

Considered to be a new trend in the world, connected cars have been tested for years. But so far, only a few companies have achieved the level of safety and operational reliability that is sufficient with the development of technology to be able to move on the roads.

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